Login is required to gain access to the Diga-Talk+ Portal – go to https://digatalkplusportal.com

Request Credentials and submit.

Place an Order

Go to the Dealer Tab / Fleet Configuration

Enter all the information including a configuration form and your purchase order and submit. You will get a copy of your submission to the email you provided.

** Only use your customer’s company name under FLEET section – for all contact information use your dealer info – that is who we contact for questions and shipping information.

Once your order is placed it is put in line for testing programming and shipping – normal lead times are 7 to 10 working days, but we are often quicker. First order in first out.   When it is packed and UPS tagged you will get a note with your invoice, fleet report and tracking number from Patrese.


Go to the Dealer Tab / RMA Request

Fill in if any of your units need repair.

Service Request

Go to the Dealer Tab / Service Request

This is for changes in alias’s or talk groups or anything that we can do over the air without having the radio in house.   Service changes are $10 per radio dealer cost – for large changes please check with Patti for a fleet rate. Dealer / Service Request

Marketing Materials and Pricing

Go to the Marketing Tab 

Logos – Image file of our Dealer Logo

Website – Instructions, images and verbiage for adding DTP to your website.

Customizable Flyers – Our Product Flyers allows you to type your dealer contact information right into the flyer.  You also have the option to type in your pricing.

Pricelist – Find the updated Diga-Talk+ Price list here

Accessories – Catalog of our current accessories