Two‐Way Radio Communications has evolved throughout the years. As the technology has advanced, the versatility and durability of two-way radios have also increased, which makes it ideal for a number of purposes and we now find radios in a wide range of industries including industrial, commercial and personal usage. The first true mobile two‐way radio is accredited to Frederick William Downie, an Australian policeman who introduced sets to patrol cars in 1923. Many attribute the first official walkie-talkies to the invention of Canada native Donald Hingins in 1937. Others say it was Alfred Gross, Hingins’ fellow countryman who patented the technology a year later in 1938.

Today we have Diga‐Talk Plus, a nationwide push‐to‐talk two‐way digital communication system that allows the users to connect locally and across long distance just like having a cell phone with no distance limitations. The technology is more advanced, clear, reliable and dependable when you most needed.

For businesses, it’s the best two‐way digital communications technology available to keep in contact with staff and workers in the field. Have you found yourself in an area where no communication is near and having to walk a long distance to communicate with another worker? How about using expensive cell phone service to communicate with the main office? It becomes difficult at times and time-consuming. Diga‐Talk Plus offers competitive two‐way digital communication and a powerful workforce management solution with extensive nationwide coverage.

Diga‐Talk Plus provides quick and reliable access to communicating with others on the spot, especially during emergency situations. Sometimes crucial information is needed at the present moment and time is of the essence in those moments. At times we must communicate the need for more help or information to help a customer. Delays can be financially costly! A business of any kind can benefit greatly from the Diga‐Talk Plus communication system with no distance limitations and an added benefit for businesses of any kind is the ability to carry out a PC Console dispatching system that includes one to one call, one to many calling and the ability to send short messages. With this system, you can also multi‐group monitoring and have GPS tracking.

For personal use, cell phones are great for communicating with friends and family members. But, at times that communication is lost or limited. Moments at events, family outings or camping requires constant communication. As well, moments of emergencies will need reliable and dependable communication with family members. Unlike a cell phone, you have instant communication available with Push‐To‐Talk feature and you even have group communication known as group-call. You can talk to more than two people at the same time. This is not your typical walkie-talkie. Staying connected with family and friends is of great importance and with Diga‐Talk Plus two‐ way digital communications you can have a clear and reliable connection no matter the distance. We’ve got you covered!

The Diga‐Talk Plus App (DTP+) on Android and soon on iPhone. Yes, we are in the works in creating an App to connect from your Smartphone to the two‐way digital communication network with your Diga‐Talk Plus radios. More information will be provided soon on our website.

The newest technology in two-way communication just got better.

Two‐Way Radio + Cell Phone like Features = Diga‐Talk Plus

Written by Joel Sanabria – Marketing & eCommerce Manager @Diga-Talk+