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For years the idea of developing a nationwide push-to-talk service has remained just out of reach for those of us in the 2-way radio business. Large and small radio systems alike have been built out across the country servicing our nations’ dispatching and fleet coordination needs. However, each one of these systems, regardless of their size, has the same Achilles heel; they are restricted to operating only within the footprint of their sites. With Diga-Talk+, that has all changed. There are thousands of devices across the country active and in use. The DTP radios work in buildings, in fleets, on campuses without distance limitations. So, whether customers are across the street or across the country Diga-Talk+ has them covered!

As a two-way business owner, it is hard to ignore the shift in traditional radio systems to LTE based solutions. However, the sheer amount of choices in handsets, data providers, and design features can be overwhelming at best and be discouraging at worst. With Diga-Talk+ a turnkey solution is provided that allows you to spend more time selling and less time in development. An edge that can prove important in today’s growing PoC marketplace. Today’s end user demands more from us than ever before. With Diga-Talk+ you can deliver on their expectations. With enhanced in-building coverage, GPS tracking, multiple push-to-talk configurations, call pre-emption, Smartphone integration, and PC dispatch solutions Diga-Talk+ is offering some of the most well rounded and powerful features currently available. All for a price that is easily affordable to your end users and more importantly, to you!

Our Industry Is Changing Rapidly With the Advent of LTE
There is now a selection of 4G-LTE devices that are built as professional two-way radios. How do you choose? How do you make them work? Where do you get SIM cards? Diga-Talk+ has done the research and development, the testing, the adapting to the U.S. markets necessary for GPS and fleet use. We also have our exclusive design features and our own servers as well as the advantages of volume purchasing. Robust, rugged devices that operate in areas that used to be off-limits to the old two-way radio technology.

Diga-Talk+ Is A Turn Key Solution
We have worked closely with manufacturers and integrators to bring you 4G-LTE devices that are built and operate as professional two-way radios. With Diga-Talk+ we have developed a turnkey solution that takes all the guesswork out of launching a full-featured PoC platform. We have done all research, development, and testing…all you have to do is sell!


Get a couple of demos and try them out – you will be amazed.

Diga-Talk+ is one of the fastest growing Nationwide Push-to-Talk two-way communication services in the nation, and we’re growing. We’re looking for partners that want to join our team and take their service to the next level.

We offer partnership benefits that include marketing, technical support, and best practices strategies. If you are looking for a great opportunity, contact us today.



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