It’s really not a question of how, but of a why not? Today many industries benefit from affordable two-way radio communications versus the use of cell phones. Depending on the type of industry and need, there are many reasons to choose two-way radio over cell phones for business use.

“Your productivity will increase far greater with two-way radio than with cell phone use.”

Push-To-Talk Instant Connect
When the need arises for quick communications dialing a cell number and hoping the other person answers is at times frustrating when they can’t be reached. In emergencies instant connect with push to talk quickly gets you to that person without dialing and waiting. It’s far more dependable and reliable communication than with cell phone use. Worker safety is critical, instant connect two-way radios are very useful, especially during emergencies. Whether it’s a medical emergency, accident or system going down, digital two-way radios will connect you instantly!

One to One and Group Call
The easiness and capability to go from a one to one call to connecting as a group instantly is one of the best features two-way radios can offer. Now more than ever in our time where it is most needed such as in emergency situations at schools, outdoor events, and hospitals. Connecting in group calling helps to improve situations safely and avoid confusion.

Loud Environment, Clear Solution

Have you tried to talk on a cell phone in a noisy environment only to walk away unable to find a quiet spot? Two-way radios are built tough and for noisy environments. They offer clear, dependable and reliable communication where cell phones fail.

The savings are much greater than with cell phones. They are the most cost-effective solution versus having a business cell phone. With Diga-Talk+ DTP9750 you only pay a small monthly fee for unlimited nationwide service and can cancel anytime without any penalties.

Secured Network
The new 4GLTE two-way radios offer a secure network. You can easily be confident of private conversations for industries that need it. Unlike, cell phones that use public networks that are more vulnerable to security threats.

Safe to Use While Driving

Restrictions by the US Department of Transportation limit use of cell phones by commercial drivers but permit the use of two-way radios for mobile communications. In addition, safety capabilities of two-way radios addressing lone worker and man-down situations for field workers represent a critical lifeline for these individuals.

An Arsenal of Tools at Your Disposal

• GPS tracking with Route Playback and User Location as well Call/Message History
• Text Messaging
• Instant Notifications
• Emergency SOS Notification
• GEO Fence
• Voice Dispatch and Playback

Bottom Line:

Fact, cell phone use edges out two-way radio but, two-way radios offer greater functionality, reliability and better ROI for a number of business settings and are an alternative to consider when selecting a communication plan for your business. Keep your Smartphone’s for meetings, and use Diga-Talk+ 4GLTE Two-Way Radio for a more secure, productive, clear, reliable, affordable and dependable instant communication with your staff and customers.

Oh, and by the way, it is no secret why cell phone carriers continuously haggle us almost yearly to upgrade our cell phones. Their life cycle is typically two years, and with the continuous enhancements, features, and desired apps it keeps everyone upgrading and renewing their contracts or entering into new ones.

The average lifespan of a typical business two-way radio is five to seven years. Some may last considerably longer. Most two-way radio companies would replace your old radios with the upgrades free or at minimal cost.