Frequently Asked Questions

My current radio system limits my staff on where they can talk and operate clearly, is this the case with your system? Absolutely not! Diga-Talk+ has you covered locally and nationwide. Anywhere your staff goes that has cellular coverage we can go. ​ Where is this service available? We can get you setup no matter where you are in the United States. Is this just an app I’m putting on my employees’ phones? Actually, you have options!  You can either purchase one of our radio devices which operates like a traditional two-way radio but with national coverage.  Another option – install the software on iOS or Android smart device. Is there a mobile radio available as well as a portable? Yes. We offer both form factors for your convenience. It would be really convenient if my staff was able to communicate via a PC interface instead of having a radio on desk, can your system do this? We have developed a lightweight dispatching program that every budget can handle. All you need is a PC, a set of speakers, a simple USB microphone, and an internet connection. That’s great, but what about GPS? Every Diga-Talk+ radio is capable of GPS tracking. Our dispatch software has a simple interface to allow you to track your assets AND pull the last 12 hours of activity for viewing. Ok, I know you said this isn’t a phone app, but does one exist to talk to the radios in the field? We currently have an android and iOS app available to do just that. We have a need to be able to privately call radios without our entire staff listening in, is this something you can help us with? The entire Diga-Talk+ lineup is capable of individual calling if you desire. We can even restrict which radios have it available and which do not. Fantastic! …but this is going to cost extra, right? Not at all. Private calling and extra talk groups are all included in your monthly fee.  You can have up to 10 group radios setup. Are these radios compliant in states with laws against using cell-phones while driving? The installed mobile device will meet your state’s requirements.  The Portable/Handheld devices will not.