One system providing unlimited connectivity nationwide. Reliable and dependable service where standard radios fail. No radio base station needed. Providing 4G LTE Secured Nationwide Coverage with no cables or antenna installation. Just push to talk. That simple! View Radios, Smartphones on the PC Dispatch Console Map and instantly connect from the console. Or, use the DTP App on your iOS or Android smartphone or Tablet. Your industry with our 2-way radio is the best partnership you can have!

DTP9750 Nationwide PTT

  • 4G LTE Secured Network
  • Compact, Portable Rugged Design
  • Full-Color Display
  • Programmable Shortcut Keys
  • Unlimited PTT Private and Group Calls
  • Instant Connect with Digital Voice Clarity
  • Completely Private Closed System with Digital Encrypted Communications

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NEW - DTP9650 Nationwide PTT

Introducing the newest member of the Diga-Talk+ family. Offering the same core features in a small and lighter platform. The DTP-9650 is both eye-catching and functional for today’s business needs. All of the critical features you would come to expect in a PoC product are present. The DTP-9650 boasts highly customizable configuration with group calling, private calling, SOS, and GPS, all while connected to the nation’s largest private PoC network provider.

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In-Vehicle Mobile Radio with 4G LTE Secure Network. The next level in transportation communication is coming!

Stay tuned for further details.

DTP PC Dispatch Console Software

The PC Dispatch Console Software provides you a look at your mobile workforce activity. You can communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as take care of emergency SOS notifications. With the optional Real-Time GPS tracking, you get a complete visible where your field team is located. Messaging capabilities and Alerts; Geo-fence and emergencies.


It’s like running the PC Dispatch Console on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with Push-To-Talk functionality and access to GPS Mapping.

DTP Interop Box

DTP Interoperability Box enables the connection between traditional LMR 2-Way Radio and Diga-Talk+ 4G LTE Nationwide Push-To-Talk PoC Network. Extend your coverage and availability by integrating LMR and PTT, allowing for more users to connect instantly.