Nationwide PTT 4G LTE

Unlimited PoC Coverage

The Nation’s Largest Private PTT Provider

Diga-Talk+ steps in where standard radios fail. We go beyond the local or regional areas. We go the distance with you on our nationwide PoC 4G LTE secure data network. Making it possible to travel a longer distance and remain connected to your team where standard radios cannot reach. We make business distance communication possible!

What is Diga-Talk+ and How It Benefits Your Industry?

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Nationwide PoC Coverage

Providing competitive business two-way digital communication and a powerful workforce management solution with nationwide PoC coverage. All on our 4G LTE secured data network.

Portables and In-Vehicle Mobiles

Two-Way Push-To-Talk Radio Communications has arrived with 4G LTE nationwide coverage. Clear and reliable communication for your business. Look no further Diga-Talk+ has you covered!


PC Dispatch Console and DT+ App

Based on a multi-functional and visualization dispatching system. It can provide timely dispatching functions for any company. The operational environment of the Console is Windows based.


Across the Street or Across the Country,
Diga-Talk+ has you Covered!