Nationwide Push-To-Talk Two-Way Radios

Across the Street

Across the Country

Diga-Talk+ has you covered!

Economical Mobile and Portable Push-To-Talk Two-Way PoC Radios with long-range coverage

Stay in Touch with the push of a button
Are you looking for an affordable way to communicate locally, statewide and nationally with your mobile workforce? Diga-Talk+ offers competitively priced two-way digital communication services and devices with Nationwide Coverage, including in-stock mobile, portable, and FirstNet Ready™ devices.

Let Diga-Talk+ save you money and improve operations by leveraging our state-of-the-art two-way radios and services.

Mobile and Portable Radios, PC Dispatch Software and Smartphone Apps.

DTPFN-9751 is now FirstNet® Ready™ 

Diga-Talk+ is now offering a PoC device for FirstNet Extended Primary Users

Diga-Talk+ customers can feel confident that the DTP-9751 radio, combined with FirstNet data service, will provide the necessary critical connectivity in a reliable, highly secure and cost-effective manner.

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Benefits of Using Diga-Talk+ Push-To-Talk Radios


Improve efficiencies by locating and dispatching the closest worker. This saves time and gas and allows you to service your customers quicker and get in one more job each day!


Using our PC Dispatch Software you can monitor your workforce’s activity. Choose who to speak with, see their location and receive reporting their activity.


With hands-free mobile laws in place, our installed mobile radios are the most cost-effective way to reduce fines and risk to drivers and others with near instant communication with the push of a button.

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