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Devices and Software

Diga-Talk+ Family of Radios

Are you looking for an affordable way to communicate locally, statewide, and nationally with your mobile workforce? Diga-Talk+ offers unmatched competitively priced two-way digital communication services and devices with nationwide coverage, including in-stock mobile, portable, and FirstNet Ready™ devices. Diga-Talk+ is the largest privately-owned PTT dealer in the US and offers quality products and has provided outstanding personal customer service for over 30 years.

Portable Radios

Diga-Talk+ PTT/PoC portable radios available on our nationwide plans.

Diga-Talk+ 9751

Diga-Talk+ 9751

Built on the proven DTP 9750 platform, the radio boasts an upgraded module for an improved audio and connectivity. The DTP 9751 is FirstNet Ready, and is certified for extended primary users.

Diga-Talk+ 9850 Walkie Talkie

Diga-Talk+ 9850

The Diga-Talk+ 9850 portable radio is the radio that users consistently compare to a “traditional” two-way device. It is larger, heavier, and more durable than the Diga-Talk+ 9750.

Mobile Radios

Diga-Talk+ PTT/PoC in-vehicle mobile radios.

Diga-Talk+ 8051 Mobile Radio

Diga-Talk+ 8051

The DTP-8051 is the newest FirstNet-certified addition to the Diga-Talk+ offering. This mobile two-way radio has a 5.0 inch anti-glare touchscreen

Diga-Talk+ 8700 Mobile Radio

Diga-Talk+ 8700

For those users who have limited mounting options or simply want a smaller, more discreet radio, the DTP-8700 mobile is the right choice.

Diga-Talk+ 8900 Mobile PTT Radio

Diga-Talk+ 8900

The Diga-Talk+ 8900 is our most popular in-vehicle mobile two-way radio model. It has a larger, brighter screen and has a more durable build.

Mobile Apps

Diga-Talk+ mobile apps for IOS and Android.

Diga-Talk+ Mobile App

Mobile App

Diga-Talk+ allows users to communicate with Push-To-Talk radios by using their smart devices.


Diga-Talk+ gives you complete control over your mobile workforce.

Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch Software

PC Dispatch Software

Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch Software is an easy-to-use package that gives you complete control of your mobile workforce.