Why Choose Diga-Talk+

Diga-Talk Features


PTT communications over cellular equal instant connectivity with the press of a button.


Clear, unambiguous communication of instructions, responses and information.


Eliminates the risk of secure information being intercepted by unauthorized users.


Our PTT radio devices are far more durable than conventional cell phone.


Clear, unambiguous communication of instructions, responses, and information.

Increase Revenue

With seamless communications, you can increase the number of jobs per day.

Improve Efficiencies

Know where your team is at all times and dispatch the closest mobile worker.

Reduce Costs

Improve efficiencies with better communications and reduce overtime and fuel costs.

Nationwide Coverage

Instant, reliable, and affordable nationwide LTE coverage with the push of a button.

A Complete Portfolio of PTT Devices

Diga-Talk+ offers both portable and mobile radios that are more durable than standard cell phones, fully programmable, with noise-canceling technology for superior sound quality; every Diga-Talk+ radio is capable of GPS tracking and comes with all the accessories you need. In addition, you can also install the Diga-Talk+ software on iOS or Android smart devices.

Smartphone Application

The ultimate Push-To-Talk Application for business and personal use. Allows users to communicate with Diga-Talk+ Push-To-Talk radios by using their smart devices.

PC Dispatch Software

Diga-Talk+ Dispatch Software provides you with complete control of your mobile workforce. You can communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as make emergency SOS notifications GPS Tracking With Diga-Talk+ optional GPS tracking, you can get complete visibility as to where your field team is located which provides timely dispatching for any company. This provides efficiencies that allow you to dispatch the closest worker, fit more jobs in each day and make your customers happier.

Gateway Interface

Diga-Talk+ dispatch software has a simple interface to allow you to track your assets and pull the last 12 hours of activity for viewing.

Hands-Free Compliant

With hands-free mobile laws in place, Diga-Talk+ installed mobile radios are the most cost-effective way to reduce fines and risk to drivers and others with near-instant communication with the push of a button.

Save Money & Increase Revenue

Improve efficiencies by locating and dispatching the closest worker with Diga-Talk+. This saves time and gas and allows you to service your customers quicker and get in one or more jobs per day!

Streamline Operations

Using Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch Software, you can monitor your workforce’s activity. Choose to speak with one person or multiple people at the same time and see their location and receive reports on their activity.

Improved Safety

Improve your team’s safety with Diga-Talk+ SOS signal capabilities, instant emergency alert information, and real-time GPS location tracking. You can also record your conversations.

Solutions for Most Every Industry

Standard LMR radios have range limitations. This is a disadvantage for a mobile workforce. With Diga-Talk+ you can communicate, track, and dispatch throughout the country. For every industry using PTT, Diga-Talk+ has you covered!

Outstanding Customer Service

Diga-Talk+ takes great pride in our superior customer service.

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