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Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution, Plant Operations

Performance, Productivity, and Minimizing Downtime are three words that many manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, and plant operations constantly evaluate to continuously update in order to keep pace with customer demands and their competition. Communication is key to better performance, safety and increased production. Diga-Talk+ helps save time, increase safety and provide dependable clear and instant reliable communication. But, it doesn’t end there. Talk to everyone in your supply chain immediately to overcome your day-to-day production challenges. Communicate tasks and production status in real-time. Diga-Talk+ also provides the location of users via GPS tracking and even alerts for assistance if an emergency situation was to take place. Diga-Talk+ radios remove the limits of your communications with reliable 4G LTE networks to provide nationwide coverage and cleart voice quality, so you know that you will always be heard loud and clear.

Transportation and Fleet

Transportation companies need to keep things moving and make ontime deliveries. Staying in constant communication with drivers is necessary

Keep better track of deliveries and drivers
Diga-Talk+ gives you an affordable way to connect dispatchers and your mobile workforce so you have a better idea of what’s going on and where. Diga-Talk+ gives you the tools you need to communicate and coordinate across your business. Instant, reliable and dependable communication.

Vehicle transport and towing – Tow truck fleet managers rely on prompt responses, pinpoint accuracy with scheduling and immediate and reliable communications. Those are all possible with Diga-Talk+‘s two-way communication services for towing fleets.

Shipping and Delivery – In the Transportation and distribution industry, managers and dispatchers rely on dependable and reliable secure communications with drivers. In addition to providing critical delivery, traffic and safety information, Diga-Talk+ provides a compliant solution for behind-the-wheel transportation. Push-to-talk radios are not only more efficient, but they are also compliant and can be used safely while driving, eliminating hefty fines.

Here are a few advantages you can expect…

  • Connection to your fleets and drivers with real-time information
  • One-touch group-wide push-to-talk with multiple talk groups
  • Improved response time to weather conditions, route changes, and vehicle status and more that impact service.
  • State DOT compliance system with enhanced push-to-talk features that reduce driver distraction and liability
  • Communicate safety information to work crews immediately
  • GPS tracking capabilities provide accountability, productivity, and efficiency, through detailed travel routes, and arrival and departure times
  • Eliminates costly phone calls and saves time with recorded push-to-talk voice replies
  • Communicate clearly in loud environments with digital audio and noise-reduction technology

Schools, Campus Safety, School Bus

School violence continues to increase every year and it’s critical that schools have a reliable and dependable two-way radio system. Diga-Talk+ is an affordable digital two-way radio that is compact and rugged with nationwide 4G LTE coverage that is reliable and dependable.

Urgent and Emergency Communications
Diga-Talk+ provides instant and reliable communication with all school staff, including teachers, the maintenance team and the security staff. This enables staff to easily communicate to prevent potential threats and keeps everyone in the loop.

School Bus & Vehicle Communications
Diga-Talk+ is ideal for maintaining communications and tracking all vehicles; voice communications, text messaging, and GPS tracking.

Uninterrupted and reliable communications to bus drivers and vehicle operators.
No laws or restrictions on radio use while operating a school bus, as they are with cell phones.
Emergency group communications. All staff members can receive notification in one message.
Digital 4G LTE two-way radios have the ability to send and receive text messages for situations where voice transmission is not possible.
Rugged design and compact.
Emergency push button.
The optional PC Dispatch Software with GPS tracking allows you to know where all drivers are at all times.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts rely on clear and reliable communication to provide excellent customer service and stay informed with staff. With Diga-Talk+ you can:

  • Help facilities and maintenance teams collaborate with more efficiency
  • Improve safety and security for staff and guests.
  • Organize with housekeeping and improve food services
  • Improve your guest experience by increasing employees’ ability to respond quickly to guest needs.
  • Staff can stay connected instantly which helps them stay on top of unexpected issues.

Religious Organizations

Delivering the Message is the most important message that needs to go out during a church or religious service, but without the background communications between volunteers, transportation, security, and administrators, this message may not get to the people who need to hear it most. Whether it is a youth minister needing to get a child’s parents, or a secretary needing to tell the bus driver about a last-minute pickup, the communication within a church is a must. Diga-Talk+  allows you to communicate instantly with anyone or everyone within your team. No matter how large or small your meeting house is, Diga-Talk+ will fit all of your needs and expectations. We also realize that discretion is key to keeping the congregation focused on the sermon. With our earpieces and other accessories, you can keep the radio volume down, so the main message of the day is heard loud and clear.


It’s important to have instant communication between hospital staff and security. If an emergency was to occur:

  • The security staff can handle it quickly and discreetly keeping clients safe
  • Keep medical staff updated with information on patients care.
  • Improve emergency response time

With Diga-Talk+. Instant call setup and group-talk management help ensure employees get the critical information they need.


Communication is a huge part for a construction crew. Everyone needs to be able to communicate with one another to stay on task and aware of any situation that may arise. Diga-Talk+ offers a compact and rugged two-way radio that can handle the tough situation at any job site with clear and reliable push to talk connectivity. Diga-Talk+ will help keep your team all on the same page, improving efficiency and workplace safety. Saving you time and money, all while keeping your employees informed and ready for the next task. Keep multiple job sites up-and-running smoothly. Diga-Talk+ lets you connect with employees and job sites instantly and easily with push-to-talk, no dialing. That simple!

Entertainment, Amusement Parks, Events

If you are part of any event crew whether at a stadium event, concert or amusement park you need a two-way radio that is dependable, clear and reliable at all times. Diga-Talk+ has you covered!

Retail Businesses

In a competitive retail market place, it is imperative to provide superior service to your customers.  With Diga-Talk+ you can instantly connect all of your associates to communicate product  and general information. This will give your team the ability to provide the best shopping experience, increase revenue and the provide safety to customers and staff.


What are the benefits of a Diga-Talk+ two-way radio?

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Avoidance of costly delays
  • Keeps production moving
  • Optimize your workflow
  • Safe and reliable communication on the road
  • Keeps track of your team
  • Saves you time and money!
  • Give employees real-time access to information that helps them deliver superior customer service from the office or in the field.
  • Easily manages, locates and communicates with your workforce
  • Increased reliability at a fraction of the cost of having cell phones which helps reduce your communication costs