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FirstNet Ready™

FiestNet Extended Primary Users

What is FirstNet®?

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The 9/11 terrorist attacks brought to the forefront the many communications challenges that first responders face during emergencies and disasters. Public safety organizations and associations advocated before Congress for a dedicated, reliable wireless network for first responders.

Today, in emergencies and at large events, heavy public use can lead to wireless communications networks becoming overloaded and inaccessible. In those instances, public safety users are treated the same as any other commercial or enterprise user, and communications can be limited due to congestion and capacity issues. With the FirstNet Network, public safety gets a dedicated “fast lane” that provides highly secure communications every day and for every emergency.

Diga-Talk+ For Extended Primary Users

FirstNet is also available to an extended community that could be called on to help support first responders – from the mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean up and restoration to the provisioning of other services required during the time of an emergency or its aftermath. These are known as extended primary users and can include essential government services, education, transportation and utilities. We can help you determine your FirstNet eligibility.

New FirstNet Ready Mobile Radio

The DTP-8051 is the newest FirstNet-certified addition to the Diga-Talk+ offering. Built on the Android Q platform, this device places all the power of our console software into a mobile platform. With a powerful 5-watt speaker, onboard noise canceling, and a 5” touchscreen, this is the perfect solution for those fleets that require a little more out of their communications solution

FirstNet Ready Portable Radio

The Diga-Talk+ 9751 is ready for use on FirstNet. It has met the standards for supporting the critical operational needs of public safety agencies and users who need tools that are highly secure, resilient, scalable, and available when needed!

Built on the proven DTP-9750 platform, the DTP-9751 boasts an upgraded module for an improved audio and connective experience. With access to Band 14, your coverage footprint is not only expanded, but the availability of FirstNet comes into play as well. Certified for extended primary users (Schools, Security Companies, Private ambulances, etc.), the DTP-9751 brings all the features users love about Diga-Talk+ into the world of FirstNet.