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General Questions

Absolutely not! Diga-Talk+ has you covered locally and nationwide. Anywhere your staff goes that has cellular coverage we can go.

The Diga-Talk+ Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) service is available everywhere in the United States.

No, absolutely not. All of our contracts are month-to-month. If you don't need the service, you can cancel at any time. You can reactivate the devices as you need. Some of our customers have seasonal workers and don't need the service all year round.

Yes, if you are looking to use portable or mobile two-way radios on our nationwide LTE radio system you will need to purchase our compatible radios.

Yes. We offer two mobile radios for in-vehicle use. Please visit our mobile two-way radio page for more information.

The entire Diga-Talk+ lineup is capable of individual calling if you desire. We can even restrict which radios have it available and which do not.

Not at all. Private calling and extra talk groups are all included in your monthly fee. 

PoC stands for Push-To-Talk Over Cellular. PoC combines the traditional functionality of two-way radio with the nationwide coverage of a cell phone carrier. With this new push-to-talk technology users can communicate over much larger areas than normal two-way radios.

The majority of out customers work with dealers in their local area. We do have some customers that work directly with our in-house team if there is no dealer in their area.

Radio Model Questions

The DTP 8700 is a small and discrete mobile radio. It is designed to fit in tight areas with limited dashboard space in vehicles like limousines and taxi's.


The DTP 8900 is our best-selling mobile radio. It is larger and more rugged radio. It has a larger, brighter screen and is ideal for use in school buses and construction vehicles.

The DTP 9750 is the workhorse of the Diga-Talk+ spectrum of offerings. Leveraging the power of LTE, you get private and group calling, on-device recording and playback, The DTP 9750 is a little more lightweight and is idea for hospitality, healthcare and retail sales.


The DTP 9850, the radio that users consistently compare to a “traditional” two-way device. Larger, heavier, and more durable than the DTP 9750, this radio provides access to all that Diga-Talk+ has to offer. The DTP 9850 is more rugged, with a high-contrast screen and is ideal for construction, and service industry use.

Yes, all of our radios have an emergency SOS button.

The DTP 9751 is ready for use on FirstNet. It has met the standards for supporting the critical operational needs of public safety agencies and users who need tools that are highly secure, resilient, scalable, and available when needed!

Dispatch/GPS/App Questions

Yes, GPS tracking is an option on all of your radios. There is an additional monthly charge for GPS tracking.

Actually, you have options! You can either purchase one of our radio devices which operates like a traditional two-way radio but with national coverage. Another option – install the software on iOS or Android smart devices. Please click here to learn more.

Yes, they can communicate using our PC dispatch software. All you need is a PC, a set of speakers, a simple USB microphone, and an internet connection.

Every Diga-Talk+ radio is capable of GPS tracking. Our dispatch software has a simple interface that allows you to track employees and pull reports of their activity.

We have an android and iOS app available to do just that.

Compliance Questions

Using a cell phone for texting or talking while operating a commercial vehicle is illegal. Fines, penalties, even the disqualification of your CDL could be the result of driving while using a mobile phone (source: FMCSA). 

Yes, our radios are compliant with hands-free operational laws.

FirstNet® Questions

The 9/11 terrorist attacks brought to the forefront the many communications challenges that first responders face during emergencies and disasters. Public safety organizations and associations advocated before Congress for a dedicated, reliable wireless network for first responders.


Today, in emergencies and at large events, heavy public use can lead to wireless communications networks becoming overloaded and inaccessible. In those instances, public safety users are treated the same as any other commercial or enterprise user, and communications can be limited due to congestion and capacity issues. With the FirstNet Network, public safety gets a dedicated “fast lane” that provides highly secure communications every day and for every emergency.

FirstNet is also available to an extended community that could be called on to help support first responders – from the mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean up and restoration to the provisioning of other services required during the time of an emergency or its aftermath. These are known as extended primary users and can include essential government services, education, transportation, and utilities.

Request a Diga-Talk+ Demo

Diga-Talk+ works with a large network of dealers throughout the country. Schedule a demo of Diga-Talk+ with one of our local dealer in your area.