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Two-way Radios for Private Ambulance Companies

Wide-Area Two-way Radio Solutions for Private Ambulance Companies

Push-To-Talk/PoC 4G LTE Coverage

Diga-Talk+ provides two-way radio, dispatch, and GPS tracking solutions for private ambulance companies. With our portable and mobile two-way radios, ambulance personnel can stay in constant contact with dispatch, ensuring that they are always aware of changes in the status of their calls.

We provide D.O.T. approved mobile radios for use within the ambulance and powerful portable radios when your crew leaves the vehicle. In addition, GPS tracking allows dispatch to see the location of all units at all times, ensuring that they are able to provide the most efficient response possible.

Our nationwide PoC service allows you to keep your team and other first responders connected so that you can communicate and coordinate effectively. With our nationwide coverage, you can rely on our service to keep your team connected no matter where they are.

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Two-way Radios With Nationwide Coverage and GPS

Rugged Two-way Radios

The number one concern of any ambulance company is to get their team safely and quickly to the emergency situation. With Diga-Talk+, private ambulance companies have everything they need to keep their operations running smoothly and get their team to the emergency as fast as possible.

With our 4G LTE nationwide coverage, your workers can take their radios wherever they go, whether they’re on the job site or moving from one location to another. With our rugged and durable two-way radios, ambulance companies can rest assured that their crews will always connected.

PC Dispatch Software

Dispatch and GPS Tracking

Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch Software is an easy-to-use package that gives you complete control of teams on multiple emergency call-outs. You can communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as make emergency notifications.

With the optional GPS tracking, you can get complete visibility as to where your workers are located, which provides timely dispatching for your company. This provides efficiencies that allow you to dispatch crews where they are needed.

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