About Diga-Talk+

For years the idea of developing a Nationwide Push-To-Talk service has been out of reach for two-way radio businesses. Large and small radio systems were built out across the country. However, each one of these systems, regardless of their size, had the same restriction. They could only operate within the footprint of their sites. With Diga-Talk+ that has all changed.

No longer is Nationwide PTT something we are only dreaming about, it’s actually here. Diga-Talk+ enables users to communicate like never before, across the street or across the country, if needed. Using the same two-way radio device we are all familiar with. Leveraging the power and stability of the nation’s largest data carriers Diga-Talkwill keep you in contact with your fleet and offer you connectivity you never thought possible.


We’re Open

A Beep / Diga-talk+ is an Approved Essential Business. Our team is here to serve you. We are in the office fufilling orders and taking service appointments. On behalf of all of us at A Beep / Diga-talk+, we’re committed to being your partner through these difficult...

LTE Set to Disrupt LMR

A disruptive innovation creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products and alliances.