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Chicago Wide-Area Two-Way Radio Coverage

Chicago Wide-Area Two-Way Radio Coverage

Are you looking for seamless two-way radio coverage in the Chicago area?

Diga-Talk+ provides affordable nationwide push-to-talk two-way radio coverage nationwide on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network. Unlike traditional two-way radios, which are limited by their range, DTP uses cellular networks to cover a much larger area.

Our corporate office is located in Joliet, in Will County. We understand the needs of Chicago area business owners and have affordable communication solutions to help you get your job done.

Some of our customers work in their local town or city. and have a small work area. Other work all over the Chicago area and the suburbs. At the same time, other companies have employees who travel from Chicago to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Chicago Area Two-Way Radio Coverage Map

We offer seamless coverage for our portable two-way radios and mobile two-way radios across all Chicago roadways.

  • I55 from Chicago to Springfield
  • I294 from Indiana to Wisconsin
  • I57 from Chicago to Memphis
  • I88 Chicago to Iowa
  • I80 Chicago South Suburbs to Iowa
  • I355 Northern Suburbs to Southern Suburbs
  • I290 Chicago to Western Suburbs
  • I90 Wisconsin to Chicago and Indiana

Chicago Dispatch Solutions

Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch Software is an easy-to-use package that gives you complete control of your mobile workforce. You can communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as make emergency SOS notifications. With the optional GPS tracking, you can get complete visibility as to where your field team is located which provides timely dispatching for any company. This provides efficiencies that allow you to dispatch the closest worker, fit more jobs in each day and make your customers happier.

Dispatch Software
DigaTalk+ 9850 Portable PTT Radio

Diga-Talk+ 9850 Portable Radio

This is the radio that users consistently compare to a “traditional” two-way device. Larger, heavier, and more durable than the DTP-9751, this radio provides access to all that Diga-Talk+ has to offer. Easy access to group and private calling, GPS tracking, and over-the-air programming make this radio a breeze to operate and maintain. The upgraded microphone connector is a plus over the traditional 2-pin and allows you to secure your microphone to the radio. The high-contrast screen makes the device easier to see in the sun and at multiple angles.

Learn more about the Diga-Talk+ 8900 portable radio.

DigaTalk+ 8900 Mobile PTT Radio

Diga-Talk+ 8900 Mobile Radio

The DTP-8900 is by far our most popular mobile radio model. Access to group and private calling, GPS tracking, on-device audio recording and playback, and over-the-air programming are all available. A large and easy to read display makes this unit easy to operate in a mobile environment. The back of the radio sports a development port as well as a 3.5 mm jack for an external speaker. The development port can be used to interface with many of the popular dispatch consoles.

Learn more about the Diga-Talk+ 8900 mobile radio.

Industry Solutions

Two-way radio users in the Chicago area recommend Diga-Talk+ LTE radios for the following industries.

  • Transportation
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Security Companies
  • Landscaping and Snow Removal
  • School Transportation
  • Property Management
  • Towing Companies

Contact us to schedule a demo of our Diga-Talk+ devices and applications.