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Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch Software

Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch Software

Did you know that the Diga-Talk+ console gives dispatchers the tools to completely manage their fleet?

From being able to see online presence to location information, and the ability to move radios from group to group, the Diga-Talk+ PC Dispatch console has it all. Dispatchers also have the flexibility to make private calls and see who’s calling them! Need audio recordings? That’s there too! 

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Features and Functions

Control Your Mobile Workforce with PC Dispatch Software

  • Windows-based operational environment
  • GPS tracking of employees Geo-fencing
  •  One-to-one calling or one to all calling
  • Ability to send a short message
  • Multi-group monitoring
  • Dynamic regrouping
  • Optional 12 Hours of activity reporting are available
  • One-time software purchase with free upgrades