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PoC Solutions for Utility Workers

PoC Radios for Utility Workers

Push-To-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) Two-Way Radio Solutions for Utility Companies

This month’s industry highlight is Utilities! In the utility industry, communication is crucial to ensure the efficient operation and management of all the critical systems that are managed. From power distribution to gas pipelines, utility businesses rely on constant and reliable communication to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, customers, and the public. In recent years, PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) radios have emerged as a powerful communication tool for the utility industry, offering a range of benefits over traditional two-way radios. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key benefits of PoC radios for utility businesses.

Our solutions are ideal for the following:

  • Electrical Utilities
  • Gas Utilities
  • Road Construction
  • Telephone and Cable Providers
  • Water and Sewer Utilities

Wide Coverage Area

One of the biggest advantages of Diga-Talk+ is its wide coverage area.  Unlike traditional two-way radios, which are limited by their range, DTP uses cellular networks to provide coverage over a much larger area.  This means that workers can communicate with each other over long distances, even across different states or countries, without the need for additional infrastructure.

Increased Reliability

In addition to their wide coverage area, DTP radios also offer increased reliability.  Traditional two-way radios can suffer from interference, signal degradation, and dead zones, making communication difficult or even impossible.  PoC radios, on the other hand, use the same cellular networks that we use for our smartphones, which are designed to provide a larger coverage footprint and fill in some of those gaps traditional two-way systems might miss.

Better Audio Quality

Another benefit of PoC radios is their superior audio quality. Traditional two-way radios can suffer from poor audio quality attributed to a variety of factors. Noise levels, signal strength, and overall environment can all affect the audio from a traditional two-way radio. PoC radios have the upper hand and can utilize advanced noise-canceling technology, better coverage, and built-in systems designed to filter out background noise and provide clear, crisp audio even in challenging environments.

Easy To Use

PoC radios are also incredibly easy to use. They work just like a regular phone, with a simple push-to-talk button that allows workers to quickly and easily communicate with each other. There are no complicated menus or settings to navigate, making it easy for workers to stay connected and focused on their tasks.


Finally, Diga-Talk+ radios are more cost-effective than traditional two-way radios. Because they use cellular networks, there is no need for additional infrastructure, such as repeaters or antennas.  This can result in significant cost savings, especially for utility businesses that operate over large areas.

Diga-Talk+ 8051 FirstNet Mobile Radio

Diga-Talk+ 8051 Mobile PoC Radio

The DTP-8051 is the newest FirstNet-certified addition to the Diga-Talk+ offering.  Built on the Android Q platform, this device places all the power of our console software into a mobile platform.  With a powerful 5-watt speaker, onboard noise canceling, and a 5” touchscreen, this is the perfect solution for those fleets that require a little more out of their communications solution.

The DTP-8051 offers access to group and private calling; GPS tracking; on-device audio recording and playback; and over-the-air programming. If you add in the onboard Wi-Fi and the new LTE diversity antenna system, you end up with a powerful fleet management tool.

A wide list of accessories is also available for the DTP-8051 mobile push-to-talk radio. Easily configurable with a foot pedal, desk microphone, external speaker, and more, the DTP-8051 is the most flexible device we have launched.

Looking for a portable PoC two-way radio? Check out our complete line of portable two-way radios, including the FirstNet Ready Diga-Talk+ 9751.

For more information about the DTP-8051 for your business and other Diga-Talk+ products, click here.