Monitor you workforce activity with PC Dispatch Software

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With the PC Dispatch Console Software you can look at your mobile workforce activity. You can communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as take care of emergency SOS notifications. With the optional Real-Time GPS tracking, you get complete visibility of where your field team is located as well as messaging capabilities and alerts, Geo-fencing and emergencies.

Based on a multi-functional and visualization dispatching system that includes: one to one call, one to many calling, the ability to send short messages, multi-group monitoring, dynamic regrouping, and GPS tracking. It can provide timely dispatching functions for your company. The operational environment of the Diga-Talk+ Console is Windows based. A USB microphone and speakers will be needed for full operation.

Dispatcher Main Interface Features

  • Toolbar – Provides the “exit, “refresh”, “group calls”, “call logs” and “contacts” buttons.
  • Status bar – Displays the connection status on the console, the current group name, the name of logged in clients and the incoming call info. 
  • Group List – Users and Groups mode: Displays all the groups and group information that the console has access to. The console can monitor audio from multiple groups at once. Map Mode: (present with optional GPS) : Shows latched calling position, offline users, track speed and Geo fencing.
  • User display area – Displays the online status of group members including the user status, user name and user’s group information
  • Auxiliary display area – Used to display a friends list and to access saved audio.
  • Received message list – Shows all the received text info as well as SOS alerts.
  • Sent message list – displays all the text message information sent from the console.
  • Send message area – Used to create short text messages, users can receive the same message simultaneously

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