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Clear and Effective Communication for Snowplow Drivers

Snow Plow Driver Talking On Two-Way Radio

Snowplow Drivers Need To Safely Communicate With Dispatch and Other Team Members

When it comes to snow and ice removal, clear and effective communication is critical for the safety of fleets, drivers, and the public.  With all the necessary equipment and a fully trained staff, snow removal will hit roadblocks and miss targets if the communications structure is not up to par, or in not there at all.

Fleets and dispatchers need to be in constant contact, especially since snowy and icy weather can hit unpredictably.  Dispatchers must be able reach specific employees during a snow event to make the call on specific situations, such as when and where to begin snow removal, what type of equipment to be using, and when to close the facility for safety’s sake during a storm.

Hands-Free, Legal, and Safe

With hands-free mobile laws in place, Diga-Talk+ installed mobile radios are the most cost-effective way to reduce fines and risk to drivers and others with near-instant communication with the push of a button.  Improve your team’s safety with Diga-Talk+ SOS signal capabilities, instant emergency alert information, and real-time GPS location tracking.  In the event that you need to pull history, the system is also capable of on device and server side voice playback.

DigaTalk+ 8900 Mobile PTT Radio

Diga-Talk+ 8900 Mobile Radio

The DTP-8900 is our most popular mobile radio model. Access to group and private calling, GPS tracking, on-device audio recording and playback, and over-the-air programming are all available. A large and easy to read display makes this unit easy to operate in a mobile environment.


  • Low Monthly Cost
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Nationwide LTE Coverage
  • Portable and Mobile Radios Available
  • Dispatch Software
  • Optional GPS Tracking

Dispatch Software and Optional GPS Tracking

Diga-Talk+ Dispatch Software provides you with complete control of your mobile workforce.  You can communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as make emergency SOS notifications GPS Tracking with Diga-Talk+ optional GPS tracking, you can get complete visibility as to where your field team is located which provides timely dispatching for any company.  This provides efficiencies that allow you to dispatch the closest worker, fit more jobs in each day and make your customers happier.

The ability to be able to pre-plan and communicate during snow removal will allow you to pivot quickly if necessary.  Effective communications are as critical to successful snow and ice removal as is your fleet, equipment, and staff. 

Let Diga-Talk+ help you keep your mobile workforce, and the public, safe this winter.